Monday, September 17, 2012

Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies,From Behind the Khao Ngiow Curtain 17.09.12

pullet surprise for journalism
Just when I think it might only be a moderately entertaining day one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, not only prove me wrong, send coffee spewing out my nose and bring back happy memories all at the same time. This article was posted on the 14th, but I didn't get a chance to read it till today." Large drop in traffic tickets in capital", okay it was morning so a huge spray of coffee needed to be cleaned from the computer screen.
The pleasant memory took me back to secondary school and my 4th year. The school was a Roman Catholic, private school run by Holy Cross Brothers who rotated from Notre Dame University and other schools sharing that name. All of us who felt we had a bit of wit, if not half that got jobs contributing to the school paper, and looking back our would be journalists had a much better work ethic and scent for the story than those at the Nation one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, as I will demonstrate.
We had a Head Disciplinarian by the name of Brother Zell, who had once been a Golden Gloves (boxing champion) in the Navy. Brother Zell was, excuse the pun, zeallous when enforcing school laws relative to dress, decorum, conduct and whatever he chose to enforce, one might say in the same way Bangkok police enforce the law. Brother Zell on the other hand had no financial interest he has just "zellous". As it happened every now and then the good Brother fell off the wagon and found himself spending time in the company of Mr. John Jameson. Now when this happened it was our signal to do what young men of an age should do, we ran amuck.
Now if our newspaper were of the Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies type we probably would have reported the sudden reduction in infractions in the school, but being budding journalists the paper ran a story thanking Mister Moran for his paying his bet to Brother Zell for Notre Dames defeat of Purdue in football.
I wonder how many 100 Baht notes are not being reported going into the pockets of Bangkok's boys in brown. The Nation and the other Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies will never be able to suss it out either

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