Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Pullet Surprise Entries this Month in Thailand 25.10.12

If you are in anyway familiiar with the state of journalism in Thailand it will come as no surprise that I have created an award for thainess in journalism which I call the Pullet Surprise a far distant cousin to the Pulitzer Prize awarded to real journalists.
Never at a loss for entries listed here are some I have found and some that have been sent to me. They not only demonstrate a certain level of journalism, but a level of thainess as well.
First the Thailand's Nearly English Language Daily the Nation tells us that kids progress is slow. It is hard to believe that it is not totally atrophied. give the social skills of adult Thais, not to exclude teachers. And while still on the education front PARENTS TOLD TO MONITOR KIDS FOR SIGNS OF LD. What should be considered learning disabled in a country where the average secondary school student scores 41% literacy in the Thai language. And still in the State of Thai Education category we come across Key maths, Science test results due out soon, a word to the unwise should be sufficient. A reasonable person might think a country would have taken action some time ago to improve the education system.
On to the wonderful world of Thai tourism where 2 articles should be in the running. First of all we learn that  Thai tourist police soon to speak fluent English. I hope you were not drinking anything when you read that. In thailand people who have University Degrees in English cannot speak English, my only conclusion is that they will be disbanding the Tourist Police sooner rather than later. And nearly finally another  idiotic idea that will never fly, but I am sure millions will be spent. More help on way for tourists.

But this months true look at Thainess can be found in a bottle It's official: Thais love Johnnie Walker. If Thais love this whiskey why do they drown it in ice and coke? This is the perfect example of , "it is all about face" THAINESS

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies going after a Pullet Surprise

I am not sure I remember ever hearing about Singer Phatchara (Ae) before. And I am sure here death will be a blow to her family. But what is of interest is just how did she die. It is not a matter of small distinctions between the 2 papers The Nation has her succumbing to injuries in an accident while the Bangkok post has her hung in here garage. This is just another example of the fine news reporting provided by Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Shit for the Bog From around Thailand 25.09.12

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the fine reporters at Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies actually get paid for what they do, but first and thanks to Larry at Khon Kaen Reirement for sending this warning from Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr. Surawit Khonsomboon and posted by the National News Bureau of Thailand The NNT Drinkers warned of drowning in floodwater or as Larry said Don't Drink and Drown. Why looking at the website for Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University Larry also caught one I missed and I am proud to report that the University flowerr is The Golden Shower Tree, so look forward to more Golden Shower info.
Next not to be oudone  Personal benefit will always defeat moral integrity, more about our Interior Minister. And one of my favorie quotes of the week,
"How a donated piece of land, intended by its original owner to serve her religious purpose, ended up as a luxury golf club had nothing to do with economic pragmatism. The land was transformed due to corruption, conspiracy and the mindset that, with political power, you can do what you like."
And just incase you have been missing a the shit being shoveled in Bangkok "Expert warns capital facing deluge threat"...City's drainage system deemed 'inadequate', go figure.
And for all you white Vaginaed, Pretty poopered, clear cocked folks Doctors warn, meth not beauty drug more for you.
And finaaly, last but not least just another Government Officer Mayor 'owned artifacts in past life', listed under breaking news #LMAO

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies,From Behind the Khao Ngiow Curtain 17.09.12

pullet surprise for journalism
Just when I think it might only be a moderately entertaining day one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, not only prove me wrong, send coffee spewing out my nose and bring back happy memories all at the same time. This article was posted on the 14th, but I didn't get a chance to read it till today." Large drop in traffic tickets in capital", okay it was morning so a huge spray of coffee needed to be cleaned from the computer screen.
The pleasant memory took me back to secondary school and my 4th year. The school was a Roman Catholic, private school run by Holy Cross Brothers who rotated from Notre Dame University and other schools sharing that name. All of us who felt we had a bit of wit, if not half that got jobs contributing to the school paper, and looking back our would be journalists had a much better work ethic and scent for the story than those at the Nation one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies, as I will demonstrate.
We had a Head Disciplinarian by the name of Brother Zell, who had once been a Golden Gloves (boxing champion) in the Navy. Brother Zell was, excuse the pun, zeallous when enforcing school laws relative to dress, decorum, conduct and whatever he chose to enforce, one might say in the same way Bangkok police enforce the law. Brother Zell on the other hand had no financial interest he has just "zellous". As it happened every now and then the good Brother fell off the wagon and found himself spending time in the company of Mr. John Jameson. Now when this happened it was our signal to do what young men of an age should do, we ran amuck.
Now if our newspaper were of the Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies type we probably would have reported the sudden reduction in infractions in the school, but being budding journalists the paper ran a story thanking Mister Moran for his paying his bet to Brother Zell for Notre Dames defeat of Purdue in football.
I wonder how many 100 Baht notes are not being reported going into the pockets of Bangkok's boys in brown. The Nation and the other Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies will never be able to suss it out either

Thursday, September 13, 2012

all Thais are Treated Equally under the Rule of Law

To bring about a Thai society that is reconciled, based on the rule of law which meets international standards, whereby all Thais are treated equally. Thank you very much to Lucky Ying Shinawatra the Prime Minister of Thailand and sister of our National hero a convicted fugitive felon Toxin.
The quote was taken from the press kit for the "Experience Thailand" blurb for the also dodgy  Tourism Authority of Thailand.
Now we move on to a fine example of how Lucky and the rest of Thai Rak Thai v3.1 mean business. "Guilty until proved innocent" proves that the common man is treated just like lets say) Vorayuth Yoovidhya or even  Orachon "Praewa" Thephasadin na Ayudhya.
I used to say everything in Thailand was about face. I was only half right "You have no face  in Thailand unless you are at least two faced".
And this just in Girly Berry star on DUI charge after night out .I  wonder how long she spent in lockup.
Oops this just in. In Khon Kaen it is 12 to 18,000 BAht and a night in jail for a Thai.
Oh well there is real equal justice under the law and then there is equal justice Thai style

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are we Inundated in Flooding or Flooded in Bullshit Thaiflood 2012

of course there are no answers but plenty of questions whenAtiya Achakulwisut a Deputy Editor with The Bangkok Post informs us that we are  "Drowning in excuses as the floods advance", But, where the hell have the Thai journalist been during the past year when they should have been following the work being done. In real joiunalism there is such a thing as investigative journalism.
Let's take Sukhothai as an example. Improving and repairing the floodwalls must have been accomplished over the past year. Now we already know that foreign contractors cannot enter the process as they have to identify commissions (read bribes) they must pay. Only Thai firms bid on the job. A government worker wrote the specifications of the work to be done.
Standard engineering practice is to ensure that the foundation on which these walls are to be built are sufficient...Duh, did the local Thai journalists ever read the proposal, look at the specifications, while the wall was being built who inspected the foundations. Just think if a reporter had discovered malfeasance he could have gone after in Chiang Mai journalistic style.
The foundation for Buddhist practice is found in mindfulness. As we can see on a daily basis the only strong foundation in Thailand is "greed,hatred and delusion"

Monday, September 10, 2012

In Thailand they call this Journalism

"Reporters accused of extortion", is the Thai way. Instead of investigating to find out how it is this operator manages to be open at 0300h. When you realise that these lads worked for one of Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies you might see where they learned their journalistic ethics. They probably also knew there was no future in reporting graft or corruption in Thailand. And of course the Thailand's Nearly English Language Daily is a firm supporter of the accused being innocent until proven guilty so "Both the Bangkok Post and Post Today terminated their ties with Mr Theerawat immediately after he was implicated in the incident.
Journalism and Buddhism are equally admired in Thailand, where the national hero is a fugitive convicted felon.