Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are we Inundated in Flooding or Flooded in Bullshit Thaiflood 2012

of course there are no answers but plenty of questions whenAtiya Achakulwisut a Deputy Editor with The Bangkok Post informs us that we are  "Drowning in excuses as the floods advance", But, where the hell have the Thai journalist been during the past year when they should have been following the work being done. In real joiunalism there is such a thing as investigative journalism.
Let's take Sukhothai as an example. Improving and repairing the floodwalls must have been accomplished over the past year. Now we already know that foreign contractors cannot enter the process as they have to identify commissions (read bribes) they must pay. Only Thai firms bid on the job. A government worker wrote the specifications of the work to be done.
Standard engineering practice is to ensure that the foundation on which these walls are to be built are sufficient...Duh, did the local Thai journalists ever read the proposal, look at the specifications, while the wall was being built who inspected the foundations. Just think if a reporter had discovered malfeasance he could have gone after in Chiang Mai journalistic style.
The foundation for Buddhist practice is found in mindfulness. As we can see on a daily basis the only strong foundation in Thailand is "greed,hatred and delusion"

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