Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Pullet Surprise Entries this Month in Thailand 25.10.12

If you are in anyway familiiar with the state of journalism in Thailand it will come as no surprise that I have created an award for thainess in journalism which I call the Pullet Surprise a far distant cousin to the Pulitzer Prize awarded to real journalists.
Never at a loss for entries listed here are some I have found and some that have been sent to me. They not only demonstrate a certain level of journalism, but a level of thainess as well.
First the Thailand's Nearly English Language Daily the Nation tells us that kids progress is slow. It is hard to believe that it is not totally atrophied. give the social skills of adult Thais, not to exclude teachers. And while still on the education front PARENTS TOLD TO MONITOR KIDS FOR SIGNS OF LD. What should be considered learning disabled in a country where the average secondary school student scores 41% literacy in the Thai language. And still in the State of Thai Education category we come across Key maths, Science test results due out soon, a word to the unwise should be sufficient. A reasonable person might think a country would have taken action some time ago to improve the education system.
On to the wonderful world of Thai tourism where 2 articles should be in the running. First of all we learn that  Thai tourist police soon to speak fluent English. I hope you were not drinking anything when you read that. In thailand people who have University Degrees in English cannot speak English, my only conclusion is that they will be disbanding the Tourist Police sooner rather than later. And nearly finally another  idiotic idea that will never fly, but I am sure millions will be spent. More help on way for tourists.

But this months true look at Thainess can be found in a bottle It's official: Thais love Johnnie Walker. If Thais love this whiskey why do they drown it in ice and coke? This is the perfect example of , "it is all about face" THAINESS

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  1. You know sometimes you should look over your shoulder. The Independent a UK newspaper was complaining about bringing back the three "r's" into education. A conservative government thing. I tried their test and failed miserably, only got 9 out of 13 and I hold a Masters degree from UK. Did you know UK kids are on average 2 years behind asian kids in maths abilities.... Sober thought. Suffice to say your generalisation about education overall levels is maybe correct but our own wester backyard is getting worse. You need to give it more prespective. Try understanding rap I can't......nor all the associates lingo I would suspect the average kid in UK would never survive the 'life' here and have no idea of the real world. I might add I've worked here on and off for a lot of years. Some clever people believe me.
    Last thought. Kids in Issan speak at least 2 languages. UK unless and immigrate one is maybe possible... All meant in the nicest possible way. No critisism intended. There I've had my rant.... :)