Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Shit for the Bog From around Thailand 25.09.12

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the fine reporters at Thailand's Nearly English Language Dailies actually get paid for what they do, but first and thanks to Larry at Khon Kaen Reirement for sending this warning from Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr. Surawit Khonsomboon and posted by the National News Bureau of Thailand The NNT Drinkers warned of drowning in floodwater or as Larry said Don't Drink and Drown. Why looking at the website for Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University Larry also caught one I missed and I am proud to report that the University flowerr is The Golden Shower Tree, so look forward to more Golden Shower info.
Next not to be oudone  Personal benefit will always defeat moral integrity, more about our Interior Minister. And one of my favorie quotes of the week,
"How a donated piece of land, intended by its original owner to serve her religious purpose, ended up as a luxury golf club had nothing to do with economic pragmatism. The land was transformed due to corruption, conspiracy and the mindset that, with political power, you can do what you like."
And just incase you have been missing a the shit being shoveled in Bangkok "Expert warns capital facing deluge threat"...City's drainage system deemed 'inadequate', go figure.
And for all you white Vaginaed, Pretty poopered, clear cocked folks Doctors warn, meth not beauty drug more for you.
And finaaly, last but not least just another Government Officer Mayor 'owned artifacts in past life', listed under breaking news #LMAO

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  1. Wow! Too much information. My head is spinning ... or is that swimming? ... Think I'll just go and bleach my private bits with the lemmings... cheaper than the creams by far!