Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is it Racism or just Ignorance in Thailand

I spotted this on twitter yesterday and read it with interest as I know quiet few westerners in the area that follow and enjoy watching sports, many follow the Provincial Football Club and other sports. Now here is one of the signs I have seen around town
 I am sure it comes as no surprise that there is nothing in English. I looked at the aircon bus and train station, nope. And their won't be. How much work or money would it take to make signs at arrival points, hotels and other places non-thais might see them. Now I guess someone is going to tell me that of course this isn't racist and might not even be ignorant, but "O contrer mon frere" and bullshit. Notice I said non thai at the end there. There are a lot of not only westerners, but japanese, chinese, lao that might be interested in the event and live and work in the region. Will there be a schedule of events in English? will there be anything in English? I doubt it. The National religion of Thailand is Narcissism. Just ignore everyone else.
Thus ends my bithching and moaning for the week, enjoy your weekend