Friday, September 30, 2011

A Thai Invention (say what?)

I saw this at the Street Food Exhibit at Mahasarakham University at the Streetfood Exihibit
When I saw the date I immediately thought that with this kind of deep thought some thai student might invent the wheel in a few years. The education quality of a country shows itself in many ways. How many hours are dedicated to world history or how to do research in Thai schools? To get an award for something that has been existence for, at least, decades, as far as I know is another example of the quality, or lack of education  in Thailand.
When I was a kid these thing were used on the BBQ, usually for fish and sometimes chicken. To find out that something that was used 50 years ago was invented in Thailand 2 years ago is "Amazing in Thailand".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

from Patipada, Luangta Maha Boowa, Samyojana

"patipada" is Acariya Maha Boowa's Book on Acariya Mun's Path of Practice

The sayojana are a list of ten factors that bind people to the endless round
of birth and death. They are:
1.Sakkāya–diṭṭhi: the belief that there is an entity of self or individuality
in the five khandhas.
2.Vicikicchā: doubt of a sceptical nature based on delusion.
3.Sīlabbata–parāmāsa: usually translated as “attachment to rules and
rituals”. But many who practise the way of Buddhism are not satisfied
with this and feel that it concerns morality more than rules
and rituals.
4.Kāma–rāga: sensuous craving. Although this is a correct translation,
amongst those who practise, the main emphasis is on sexual craving
and all that proliferates from it.
5.Vyāpāda: Ill will, malevolence.
6.Rūpa–rāga: the desire for the exalted states of the rūpa realms.
7.Arūpa–rāga: the desire for the exalted states of the arūpa realms.
8.Māna: conceit.
9.Uddhacca: restlessness.
10.vijjā: blind unknowing.
These ten factors are overcome progressively by the attainment of the four
paths, thus: the Sotāpanna has overcome the first three. The Sakadāgāmī has
also reduced the fourth and fifth. The Anāgāmī has overcome the first five
factors. The Arahant has overcome all ten factors.

Thursday, September 1, 2011